Hedge the Risk, Survive the Dip

Decentralized Risk and Asset Management

Speculate or protect your crypto holdings against price dips with on-chain Call and Put options. Build DeFi hedge funds for asset managers, investors, and traders.

Decentralized Options Trading Platform

Non-custodial Call and Put Options on the Blockchain.

Buying Call Options can be an excellent way to buy the dip with less capital at risk. Call Options provide leverage without the margin requirments.

Investors and traders looking to protect thier crypto assets from short term price dips can buy Put Options. Profit from the downside while you HODL.

Options Desk
Option Seller AMM

Liquidity providers deposit tokens on which they wish to write (sell) options. LPs earn 100% of the premium (sale price) every time a call or put is purchased.

Option Buyers

Call and Put options are purchased in ETH or BNB, which is paid to the LPs. Buyers choose the strike price and pay a settlement fee of 1% to RISQ holders.

RISQ Staking

RISQ holders earn rewards in the underlying crypto they want to stake. These rewards can be claimed immediately after a call or put is purchased.

Option Premiums

Once an option is either exercised or expires the option premium P&L; is distributed to Liquidity Providers. Withdraw profits with out having to remove Liquidity.

Exercising Options

An option contract can be exercised before the expiration time either to take a profit if it is in the money or at a loss if it is out of the money.

Options Expiration

Buyers choose an expiration time of 1 day to 4 weeks. If an option is out of the money at expiration it expires worthless and 100% of the premium paid is released to LPs

Decentralized Options Writing

Profit by Collecting Premiums on YOUR Favorite Crypto

Traders who write an option receive a fee, or premium, in exchange for giving the option buyer the right to buy or sell shares at specific price and date.

As an AMM, traders no longer have to worry about market making, strike prices or expiration dates.

Write Options
Growing Token List

Supported Tokens

Trade Options on the Ethereum network or Binance Smart Chain.

Staking Contracts

Real APY Staking Yields.

Staking Lots earn a 1% fee on traded options in the underlying token. This means that if you buy a staking lot in the ETH Staking Contract you will earn rewards in ETH. ETH rewards are also possible with Ethereum casino games. According to ethereum casino vergleich, Players can deposit and withdraw using Ethereum, and place bets and win also in the form of Ethereum.

Earn passive daily income in the tokens you want. Rewards are available for immediate withdrawl as soon as a newly created Call or Put option is confirmed on the Blockchain.


RISQ Staking Contracts

Crypto assets each have a RISQ staking contract.

RISQ Options Contracts

Options smart contracts create new Call and Put options.

RISQ Options Pool

The liquidity pools collateralize new options.

RISQ Rewards Contracts

Allows LPs to stake their writeTokens to earn RISQ tokens.
RISQ Protocol DeFi Hedge Funds

On-Chain Asset Management

Investment Funds Secured Through Smart Contracts

Powerful platform

We are dedicated to providing a professional DeFi Fund Terminal with everthing you expect to see from a hedge fund wrapped in smart contracts.

  • No Barrier to Entry
  • Multi Exchange and Asset Trading
  • Management & Performance Fees
  • High Water Mark
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RISQ Protocol Roadmap


Options - Hedge Funds - Analytics - Margin DEX.

Q3 2021
Release RISQ Options Desk

Initial release on the Binance Smart Chain with WBTC, ETH, BNB, LINK, UNI, COMP, BCH and more. This will be followed by a second roll out on Polygon.

Q2 2022
Defi Hedge Fund Platform

DeFi smart contracts that oversee the investment system of the DeFi Hedge Fund. Fund investment policies and guidelines are written as smart contracts where 'code is law.'

Q3 2022
RISQ Protocol Analytics

A dashboard for tracking investment portfolios, options markets, staking rewards and liquidity yeilds on RISQ Protocol.

Q4 2022
Crypto Margin Trading

Perpetual RISQ is a non-custodial, decentralized margin exchange. Trade leveraged crypto assets with the posiblity to combine trades with RISQ Options. You can opt for the best auto trading software listed at https://coincierge.de/trading-robots/ site to ease your trading process.

  • Token Name

    RISQ Protocol

  • Trading Symbol


  • Target Networks

    BSC, ETH & Polygon

  • Starting USDC price

    1 USDC = 1 RISQ

  • Treasury Tokens

    41,000,000 RISQ

  • Total Supply

    100,000,000 RISQ

  • Ethereum Bonding Curve

    8,000,000 RISQ

  • Binance Bonding Curve

    8,000,000 RISQ

  • Polygon Bonding Curve

    8,000,000 RISQ

  • Liquidity Reward Tokens

    35,000,000 RISQ

Token FAQ

Frequently Questions

Do I have to own RISQ tokens to buy options?

Absoulutly NOT, there is zero barrier to entry, you can buy options and or provide liquidity to pool without owning RISQ tokens.

What is the benifit of owning RISQ?

Staking Lots can be purchased for 10,000 RISQ. Staking Lots earn the settlement fees on every option bought in the underlying crypto asset. There are a limited number of staking lots available for each token.

What is the size of each option contract?

1 Call = 1 token of the underlying cryptocurrency. Meaning if you buy 1 WBTC Call option you are leveraging 1 WBTC.

What networks is RISQ Protocol using?

RISQ Protocol will first deploy on Binance Smart Chain with future rollouts on Ethereum and Polygon (Matic Network)